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Hello, My name is Theo Travis. I am a British saxophone and flute player and composer, playing in various genres of music. This channel was made to share my music and ideas. I am and have been a member of various bands, including Soft Machine, Gong, The Tangent and Double Talk. I have also toured with musicians including David Gilmour, David Sylvian, Steven Wilson and Robert Fripp. It would be much appreciated if you subscribe to my channel. I really hope you enjoy the content that I have posted and will be posting on a monthly basis. Thank you for listening to my music and please like and subscribe!
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1 Hour Duduk Meditation

I hour of relaxation music performed on the ancient Armenian duduk and soundscapes by Theo Travis. For inner calm, spirit rejuvenation, healing and deep meditation. This music will calm your body and mind. Detoxification and healing of the soul. 'Inner Peace, Slow Life -' Composed and Arranged by Theo Travis (PRS/MCPS) 2023 Duduk and all instruments performed by Theo Travis Candle photo by Chirag K c/o Unsplash

45 Minute Duduk Meditation

Quiet music for calm, relaxation and reflection. Title - Open Air, Inner Calm Composed and Performed by - Theo Travis Registered with PRS/MCPS Photos by S Migaj on Unsplash (outdoor scene) and Paulo Nicolello on Unsplash (candle) Track now available for purchase from -

'The Munich Train' by Theo Travis, Richard Sinclair and Jonathan Coe.

The Munich Train by Theo Travis, Richard Sinclair and Jonathan Coe. from Theo Travis - Earth to Ether (33 Records) Also available on Theo Travis Bandcamp store. Richard Sinclair - Vocals and Guitar Theo Travis - Flute, flute loops Lyrics by Jonathan Coe

Theo Travis - If I Forget You (from 'Songs From The Apricot Tree')

If I Forget You / Im Esh Kachech Traditional Composition Performed by Theo Travis on the Armenian Duduk From Theo Travis -Songs From The Apricot Tree (ESCD002) Available from -,, Amazon
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